The Silver’s Group Of Companies represents a multifaceted group of family-owned corporations which spans four generations and over 115 Years of Business History.

Our core business sees us undertaking operations as Marine Cargo Surveyors;  expansions during the past few years see us now with Property Investments, Developments and leading edge telecommunication services through our various holdings and strategic partnerships.



Marine, Transportation, Development, Management , Technology and Real Estate Services

Silver’s Group of Companies

Diverse Services from Cargo Surveyors to Property Rentals to Information Technologies

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Our Philosophy

Professional, timely service...

We have built and established our companies on history and tradition.  After 115 years in business we know that service matters. 

Marine Cargo Surveyors - Global Service since 1897

Commercial and Residential Property Rentals

Commercial Property Investors

Property Development

Information Technologies

structured wiring solution

access controls

Property Management

Rental Uplift

Telecommunications - Wired - Wireless -  Laser - Phone Systems

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Hot News

Silver’s Agencies completes supervision of 500th Wind Turbine Component

September 2012

Over 3 Million Cars Surveyed

September 2012

Silver’s Investments sourcing new Investment Properties

August 2012

Corporate Principal
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