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Established in 1946 as “Odd Jobs Limited” and renamed as Silver’s Investments Limited in 1984, this company has provided, over the years a “catchment” for other lines of work and opportunities, through the 1990’s and early 00’s the company was not engaged in any particular undertakings.

However in 2008 the company again became highly active under Jeffrey Silver investing in a variety of properties for commercial and residential rental, renovations, purchase and resale.

With Ownership Experience of a Real Estate Brokerage, a Mortgage Brokerage and a Development Company we are a rare company with extensive contacts in Financial, Real Estate, and Legislative areas.

In late 2008 Silver’s Investments made a significant move expanding its portfolio to include an ownership position in Fresh Group Atlantic.

This brings a very diverse set of services to our Clients. 

Through FGA we hold

Fresh Developments Atlantic.  FDA provides Electrical Engineering, Structured wiring solutions, Wireless Industrial Grade Service, High speed data Solutions, Mobile Communications systems, building retrofits for phone switches and data exchanges.

FGA is also able to assist with your Financing needs for Commercial equipment purchasing or leasing, Mortgages, Private Financing and Developments.

Growth Strategies...

Investment, Capitalization, Rental, Professional Service

Silver’s Investments Limited

Diversity and Growth Strategies

Hot News

Fresh Developments Completes its THIRD SCHOOL BOARD Wireless deployment

August 2012

Silver’s Investments actively sourcing a multi unit in the HRM for $400,000 to $750,000

September 2012

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There is a lot of business out there for companies with the ability and the agility to take advantage of it.

Silver’s Investments represents the passive revenue stream in the Silver’s Group of Companies.

Taking ownership in other companies and assisting their growth and Development, providing Venture Capital and holding a number of Residential and Commercial Rental Properties are just a few of the avenues we explore.

Through Silver’s Investments we provide business consulting at no charge to businesses throughout Central and South America and help fledgling businesses identify markets and prepare locally-tailored business strategies.

One Company in Nicaragua that we consulted with in 2008 was even featured in a Television Show “Reward Challenge” - Sand Boarding on a Volcano.

We also provide a no charge mentoring program for under-30 entrepreneurs and Students looking to develop their career opportunities.

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From our Halifax, Nova Scotia offices we provide extensive local property knowledge, standardizing rents, providing quality accommodations, and delivering an unparalleled level of service to our Clients

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By Law Issues?

Rental Uplift Opportunities?

Leveraging, Financing and Expansion?

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With out multidisciplinary team of professionals, we can assist...

Management Consulting

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Change Management

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